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Loft Flooring, Boarding and Lighting

Enhance your storage space with bespoke Loft Storage Solutions from the North West Specialists.

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Loft Boarding and Flooring

Many homes have lofts that aren’t boarded, so they cannot be used for storage space, meaning we can’t take advantage of the extra floor space. In which case, have you considered Loft Boarding and Flooring?

At The Loft Storage Company, we can provide you with a loft boarding or flooring solution that can increase the usable space in your home. We are fully trained and experienced when it comes to installing high-quality boarding or flooring, which will create a practical solution for your empty loft space.

Loft Boarding for New Builds

We can create valuable storage space by providing loft boarding; you’ll now have space to store your belongings safely, plus it won’t void the New Build Warranty.

Loft Boarding for Pre-1975 Homes

Older properties are generally more robust structures; we can provide traditional systems to enhance your property and allow you to reap the benefits.

Loft Boarding for Post-1975 Homes

Our team can provide a loft boarding solution for homes built during or after the 1970s to help you gain extra storage space without squashing the Loft Insulation.

Loft flooring, boarding and lighting services

Loft Lighting Solutions

Loft lighting is a must-have if you want to view anything that is stored in your loft, plus it eliminates the need for wired lamps or torches, which can be hazardous to homeowners. A well-lit loft space will allow you to use it more frequently; at The Loft Storage Company, we can help you enjoy a safe and easy-to-access loft space with professionally installed lighting.

We can supply and fit a range of dierent lighting fixtures that meet your requirements, whether it’s LED spotlights or a single loft light and switch. With our tailored loft lighting solutions, you won’t be searching for a torch when you need to access your loft; we can provide a loft light that will help you find what you’re looking for.

Why Choose

The Loft Storage Company?

Functional Solutions

Creative ideas for maximising available space, with storage solutions that are made-to-measure and fit perfectly in your loft.

Exceed Client Expectations

Our team aims to provide a high-quality service that exceeds all our clients’ needs and expectations.

Professional and Knowledgeable Team

We are thoroughly trained and have years of experience in the field, with a vast knowledge of industry standards.